Your Quality Policy

As part of the process of becoming an Accredited Skills Development Provider (SDP), one of the policies that your Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETA) requires you to submit as part of your Quality Management System (QMS) is a Quality Policy.

As the Director of a Skills Development Provider (SDP), you are responsible for quality management within your company. Whilst we understand that you may need to allocate responsibilities for ensuring the effective implementation of any procedures, we would encourage you to consider the following:

Have you reviewed the roles and responsibilities of each current employee as outlined in your Quality Management System (QMS)?

As a Skills Development Provider (SDP), each of your employees has a specific role. It is vital, to maintain a quality service offering, that you go through each role and responsibility with each employee to ensure that they are adequately trained to carry out their specific functions. Quality is everyone’s responsibility; the irony; however, is that in most instances, we train external role players and overlook training our own employees.

Do you review your policies and procedures quarterly?

The purpose of your annual Quality Management System (QMS) Review is to evaluate and review all policies and procedures on account of:

  • Changing legislation
  • Changing regulations
  • Changing (Quality Assurance Partner) QAP requirements
  • Their overall relevancy

Your Quality Management System (QMS) is a “live” document and is your key guideline to ensuring our continued Accreditation. Waiting a whole 12 months to review your policies increases your risk of “missing” something.

Do you regularly review feedback from your clients and learners?

In order to ensure that your policies and procedures are relevant, you should regularly review feedback from your clients and learners. In order for your company to grow and expand their service offerings, you must be open and willing to hear both positive and negative feedback from your clients and learners.

In a nutshell, everyone (employees and outsourced employees) as well as yourself as the Director of a Skills Development Provider (SDP), are responsible for promoting a quality culture within your company in order to ensure that the needs of Learners, Employee and Stakeholders are met.

Got quality concerns? Need help in updating your quality management system?

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