DHET Registration

You might have heard murmurings in January of possible legislation changes involving Private Training Providers and the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET).   There were utterances, however nothing was conclusive of exactly what it all entailed and how it would impact you, our client, the Training Provider.

Now that the legislation has been changed and we’re ‘in the know’, we’d like to inform you that every Private Training Provider is required by law to be registered with the DHET.  This is an uncomplicated but, time intensive process – don’t panic however, we understand all the ins-and-outs and are here ready to walk you through and assist you in complying.

The application is available on our website as a courtesy for you to download.  Once completed, you’ll be required to submit the application to the DHET (details are on our website) together with a fee of R500 payable to DHET – not to JTandA.

This sounds straightforward which it is, you will then however (here comes the time intensive part) need to put some legwork in and attach the following annexures:

Annexure 1 – Audited Annual Financial Statements
Annexure 2 – Three Year Financial Forecast
Annexure 3 – Business Plan
Annexure 4 – Surety Agreement
Annexure 5 – Sworn declaration on contributing to fidelity guarantee fund
Annexure 6 – Company registration documents issued by CIPRO
Annexure 7 – Occupational health and safety compliance audit report
Annexure 8 – Business registration certificate
Annexure 9 – Tax clearance certificate issued by SARS
Annexure 10 –  Sworn declaration on application for accreditation.
Annexure 11 – Sworn declaration on institutional capacity.
Annexure 12 – Sworn declaration on monitoring and evaluation
Annexure 13 – Accreditation report issued to the DoE by Umalusi
Annexure 14 – Student prospectus, calendar or brochure
Annexure 15 – Enrolment forms.
Annexure 16 – Sworn declaration on non-discrimination
Annexure 17 – Undertaking on equality of qualifications

Yes, it is a lot of legwork, Lindsay however is up to speed and ready to walk you through it and assist you in getting it done. Contact us or call 087 150 1554 to set up an appointment (there is a minimal consultation fee) where she can facilitate the process and support you through it.

Update: the original deadline for this registration had been extended to 30th November 2018.

JTandA, we’re here to help you remain compliant with the DHET!

Click here to download the DHET application form

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