Would you drive the latest car without a driver’s license?

Similarly, would you expect to be an awesome Training Provider without learning the skills you need to operate effectively and efficiently?

I remember having to study my learners license, writing an exam and failing. Not once but three times! You see, when I started studying I wasn’t aware of all the rules and regulations, or even the questions I was going to be asked.  Forward 2 years, and I eventually passed my driver’s license and was let loose on the road.  I still pity the people around me in those early days, as I was possibly the slowest driver on the road, for fear of having an accident.

This brings me to Accreditation with any one of the SETAs or QCTO.

So often, I hear Training Providers (or Skills Development Providers as they are now known) tell me they are doing it themselves.  When I gently ask about how they enroll learners and follow the entire process to ensure their learners are correctly trained, assessed, moderated and eventually issued their competency certificates – I am usually met with a blank stare.

When they show me how they Googled “free material” and the Accreditation Process it makes my heart heavy.

Daily, we see providers who have been assisted by friends or ill-informed consultants, who have merely presented the excited training provider with “perfect files” – only to realise that no training on the Quality Management System or Training Material has taken place.

Often, clients bring their beautifully framed Accreditation Reports or Certificates, and want advice on what to do next.  When we ask after their hard copy Accreditation File, with their QMS and training material pack, we are told the consultant they used did all the work and dropped the file off with the SETA. And now, that consultant is nowhere to be found…

(My hairdresser constantly covers the grey hairs…)

At JTandA, our vision is to raise the standards of Training Providers in South Africa.  Our vision is realised when our providers obtain their Accreditation and roll out their training successfully, competently and efficiently – meeting all SAQAs requirements.

We offer various Capacity Building Workshops which assist new and existing providers realise our vision.

These are conducted in a fun, interactive way, to ensure knowledge is transferred from our competent well-informed team ~ we don’t want the knowledge to stay with us. We need providers to take responsibility for running their businesses according to the SETA and QCTO requirements.

So, if you are still learning to “drive” the Accreditation Process we are waiting for your call on 087 150 1554, or email us to book a consultation, to see how best we can help you to realise your vision of being a superior provider of learning.