training co-ordinator short skills course

This practical 5 day skills course is geared towards training co-ordinators and/or administrators working for Accredited Training Providers (of course, we encourage all our Directors, Training and Quality Managers to come along too!) who are responsible for the day to day administration or the managing of the training administrators.

This fun-filled, action packed Course incorporates:

  • Computer Skills
  • Training Plan versus Reality
  • Training Committee Support (FAM)
  • Learner Recruitment
  • Learner Induction
  • Learner Enrolment
  • Learner Uploads
  • Training Material Rollout
  • Facilitator Support
  • Workplace Mentors
  • Assessment Process A-Z
  • Certification

Why you should attend:

  • We get those tedious, brain-draining tasks done together! Example: That dreaded Training Plan.
  • To get you thinking about the unknowns because “you don’t know what you don’t know”.
  • Your people are not people – they are your assets.
  • We deep dive into the 4 Phases of Training.
  • Why be an average Joe when you can be a Super Hero!

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