learner upload workshop

This practical workshop is geared towards administrators working for Accredited Training Providers who are responsible for the uploading of Learner Information with your SETA.

During this session we will upload your learners onto your SETA platform and / or complete an Intent to Train application in order to:

  • To ensure that Learner Uploads are completed within the specified time scale as stipulated by your SETA.
  • Assist you in navigating your way around your SETA platform and processes for Learner Uploads.
  • Identify and challenges / barriers with your SETA platform.

Why you should attend:

  • To ensure that you have all the information in order to enrol your learners.
  • To confirm you are able to navigate your way around your SETA’s enrolment process.
  • To complete your learner uploads.
  • To assist you in contacting your SETA should you have any challenges with uploading learners.

This capacity building engagement is part 2 of a six-part series where we capacity build you enrol learners in order to maintain a smooth roll out of the 4 Phases of Training.

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