learner enrolment workshop

This practical workshop is geared towards all sales representatives and administrators working for Accredited Training Providers who are responsible for the Learner Enrolment Phase of Training.

During this session we will customise templates / existing documents in order to:

  • Market your training.
  • Reply to enquiries.
  • Prepare the documents that we require to enrol a learner on training.
  • Prepare the administrative documents and files that are required to roll out Accredited Training.

Why you should attend:

  • To ensure that you are using the most effective methods to market your training.
  • To establish whether your current marketing brochures are suitable for your target market (in other words, have you fallen into the trap of using SAQA / SETA jargon when marketing that your learners may not understand?).
  • An hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing! This Workshop prepares you for the Learner Upload Workshop as without the correct information, you will not be able to enrol your learners with your SETA.
  • Omitting important information or documents during Learner Enrolment can result in you not being prepared for your external moderation visit, subsequently resulting in your learners not being recommended to receive their statement of results.

This capacity building engagement is part 1 of a six-part series where we capacity build you to run your Accredited Training independently.

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