We’re Winding Down to Take a Break!

After an exciting year with many valuable learning opportunities along the way, we’re winding down to take a break.

Our offices will be closing this Thursday the 15th December and opening again on Monday the 9th of January.  Please contact us before Thursday should you need to tie up any loose ends or have any last minute queries or requirements.

Whilst we are preparing to drop the curtain on 2016, we will still be fully functional so please feel free to contact us with all your SETA needs until Thursday.  Thereafter, if you have any exciting ideas or plans to share, please feel free to drop us a mail while it’s still fresh in your mind and we’ll pick it up on our return.

After a good break we’ll be rearing to go and as always, our goal will be to see you achieve yours!

are you ready to get SETA accredited?