Why We Love Virtual Consults

Working from home during the pandemic has made us all experts at dressing for business from the waist up while rocking some pyjama bottoms and slippers. 

The commute takes a couple of steps, and the couch conference room is a lot comfier than an office. 

There is no denying that the video conference call is the way of the future. And apart from the bonus of conducting meetings in your comfiest sweatpants, having virtual consults has a lot of other benefits as well. 

Social Distancing

While we have moved to a lower level of lockdown, we should all still be vigilant and practice social distancing where we can. 

With virtual consultations, you help to keep yourself, your staff, clients and business associates safe.  

It’s Cheaper

Having an online consult is a lot cheaper than conducting a meeting in person. It only requires each person to have a computer/phone with an internet connection. 

It also cuts travel time, costs and other expenses like accommodation and conference facilities. 

Anytime, Any Place

Most countries, cities and towns will have decent internet connections – so you could be sitting in Johannesburg, while having a video call with someone on the other side of the world.

No more rushing between meetings, just open your laptop or phone and start your conference call right there and then. 

It’s Good For The Environment

Printing handouts and agendas and driving to and from meetings all negatively affects the environment. 

By eliminating the need for paper and travel, virtual conference calls are quite literally helping to save the planet. 

Virtual Consuls allow us to provide super accreditation services to our clients, regardless of which province they are in! If you are ready to get accredited – book a consult with us today on reception@jtanda.co.za



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