doing your own Accreditation is so hard

Why doing your own accreditation is so HARD

Just the other day one of our newest clients came to us and asked that we help him to get his Training Company Accredited. He had been back and forth to the relevant SETA, trying to work it out for himself and had finally decided to ask for expert advice.

Here’s why we think doing your own SETA/QCTO Accreditation is so hard:

  1. You don’t know what you don’t know! You will often hear our team use this phrase with clients as a term of endearment. Trying to do your own SETA/QCTO Accreditation can be compared to changing the gearbox in your car when you have had absolutely no training or experience in this.
  2. You may have been running a successful training company using your own training material and methods but running an Accredited Training Company changes the business model.
  3. Jargon! Sometimes when we speak to our clients using SETA jargon, our clients look at us if we are speaking a foreign language! We have a 12th SA Language – and this is SETA\QCTO language – we help you to decode all the forms and jargon, making it easier to understand and apply to your business.
  4. SETA, QCTO and Education Department changes – need we say more! We stay on top of all these changes… well as much as we are able to…
  5. Accreditation is subjective! What passes through one SETA one month may not pass the next!
  6. Each SETA’s requirements are different
    Working with the requirements of 21 different SETAs (and now QCTO too) means keeping your finger on the pulse and adapting to change – lucky for you, our team are on the ball.
  7. Trainers/Facilitators are known for their creative skills and their learners love them, however, when it comes to all the admin that needs to be completed for the Accreditation Process – we are the specialists in this.
  8. Following up with the SETAs – we believe in the saying “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar” whereas our clients are sometimes highly frustrated with the red tape.
  9. We understand that the SETA staff can become very frustrated with Training Providers who “don’t know what they don’t know”. It is expected that Training Providers know the SETA/QCTO systems and requirements inside and out – it is our vision to Capacity Build Training Providers so that they know what they should know!

We have had numerous clients, who had previously tried to go it alone, come to us after 6, 9 or even 12 months and ask us to take over on their SETA/QCTO Accreditation Application because they had lost all hope.

If getting your company SETA/QCTO Accredited is a priority to you, contact us or call 087 150 1554 to schedule a consultation with one of our Business Development Advisors today!