Why buying or receiving training material from a "friend" is a bad idea

Why buying or receiving training material from a “friend” is a bad idea

We’ve seen a huge increase in training providers advising us that they have their own material.  When we ask them how they developed it or where they obtained it, we are often told “oh I attended a course and I’m going to use their material” or “my friend gave it to me”.

Please be careful when you purchase material from already accredited Training Providers… In most instances they themselves would have purchased from material developers and the copyright would be between the material developer and a specific training provider ~ they are not allowed to legally sell it unless they developed it themselves. It is a SETA requirement that a training provider seeking accreditation has had their training material pack moderated by a constituent moderator who has critically scrutinised the training material pack to ensure it meets all the SAQA alignment requirements.

Ultimately, as a Director of a training company, you should know your training material pack inside and out… You are responsible for knowing how the Curriculum Strategy has been developed and designed; what the content of your learner guide includes; what the assignment requirements of your learner’s Portfolio of Evidence are; the how, what, when for the Facilitator, Assessor and Moderator and to check your alignment matrix. Remember your training material is your product…

A key success criteria for training providers is knowing their product.  You can’t sell something you don’t believe in 100%.  In most instances “shelf material” i.e. a pack that has been pre-designed by a material developer meets the minimum SAQA requirements.

If you want to be better than the minimum standard we always advise our training providers to customise the pack… Add some “meat” to it.  Design your own PowerPoint slides with additional information that is fun and interactive for your learners.  Adults need to be entertained and enjoy their learning with you.  Investigate their company culture before starting their training and link back the theory in their learner guides to real life experiences for them so that their learning is accelerated.

Most learner guides are written to keep SAQA happy and the terminology can be a bit confusing for your learners (big academic words) ensure your Facilitator includes easy to understand summaries of this in their PowerPoint slides – if your first language learners battle with the terminology how are your second language learners going to cope?

Because we work with so many providers before and after they are accredited, we have seen a huge need to train training providers on how to roll out their training material packs to ensure they have a positive teaching experience with their learners.  We have put together various workshops for training provider staff to attend.

Please contact us should you need any assistance in becoming accredited or help with your accreditation at Jeanine Topping and Associates 087 150 1554.

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