We Are Expanding – De Waal Viljoen


De Waal is an accredited assessor and a human resource development professional. He has gained experience in the development of human resources in National companies in SA such as the KwaZulu Finance and Investment Corporation, University of Pretoria and the Business Studies Unit of Durban Institution of Technology.

De Waal consults widely on assessment, moderation and training issues. He works nationally and internationally, and regularly does assessments, moderation and develops assessment guides in SA and Saudi Arabia. De Waal facilitates assessor courses, moderator courses and conducts training in customer service.

His expertise has been gained largely by his participation in the assessment of assessors and moderators for big companies. He has done more than 250 assessments on candidates of learning. He has served as moderator for numerous companies and sector education training authorities. He is registered as an assessor, moderator and verifier with the various SETAs.

De Waal has built up direct experience and first-hand insight into the operations of the following industries:-

  • Training providers – SA Maritime, Dionysus, SDS, Yonke, RBCT, EduFleet
  • Port operations – Port Academy Durban
  • Agriculture – Farming operations in Zimbabwe
  • Electrical power generation – Marafiq, Saudi Arabia
  • Water desalination plant – Marafiq, Saudi Arabia
  • Retail industry – SPAR

De Waal has competence relevant to the fields mentioned above in the following

  • Training materials and methodologies
  • Quality management systems
  • Assessment and moderation procedures
  • Human resources development systems, and
  • Motivation of employees

During his involvement in these operations, De Waal has functioned as a facilitator, assessor, and internal moderator, as a coach of learners, developer and evaluator of learning programmes and as a consultant.

De Waal holds several qualifications from the Universities of Pretoria and Potchefstroom. He has a BA-degree followed by a Diploma in Higher Education and has a certificate in small business management. He is also a qualified assessor and moderator.

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