Want to learn more about your Quality Management System?

Over the next few working days we are taking to social media to go through our Quality Management System in a summary format to assist our clients with understanding each of the 19 policies a whole lot better.

The QMS is a step by step handbook with all the policies, procedures, forms and review manuals specifically designed to ensure that your business operates correctly according to the guidelines set out by the Sector Education and Training Authority. (SETA)

THE STARTING POINT OF YOUR QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM – Who the business is, what the business stands for and by what standards the business applies itself.

Section 1 serves as an introduction of the business by outlining the structure of the business and who the responsible people are within the business.

It determines and defines the conviction of the business by evaluating the core of the business through the vision statement, the mission statement and the values.

It also sets out the basic rules as well as how to implement them in order to have a business that is compliant as well as accountable to the learners and the SETA.

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