Training Material at your fingertips

At the beginning of the year we made special mention of how one of our primary focuses of the year is to zero in on our Quality Management System (QMS) support, all whilst ensuring that our clients obtain their accreditation with minimal stress levels!

Contributing to assisting clients with minimum levels of stress is ensuing that they utilise training material which is SETA READY. We at JTandA have gone the whole hog in our drive of support and now have training material available as required by SETA in a ‘Ready to GO Pack’!

The pack includes the following:

  • Curriculum outlines / Learner induction guides / Programme overview.
    All the what / where / how / when / who with regards to what the learner can expect from the programme and the training roll out from beginning to end.
  • Alignment Matrix
    This backbone of the Providers Accreditation lists each SO and AC with their associated information and indicates the page numbers of formative and summative assessments.
  • Notional Hour Matrix
    This guide specifies the break down of the number of hours spent in the classroom / workplace / assessment and the outcomes to be covered
  • Facilitator Guides
    A complete overview of what is expected of the facilitator; includes lesson plans, model answers for the formatives and all the administration documents needed by the facilitator to conduct and complete the Programme successfully with Learners.
  • Learner Guides
    A guide detailing Unit Standard ID, Title and Credits, Specific Outcomes and Assessment Criteria.
  • Assessment Guide
    A guide detailing the planning, preparation, procedures for before and after for assessments for the Facilitator and Learner. Model answers, Learner & Third Party feedback templates and results administration are all accounted for
  • Learner Portfolio of Evidence (PoE)
    Specific guidelines of the preparation, requirements and procedure of the compilation of the PoE file; specifically, Learner background information, assessment declarations, declaration of authenticity, assessor declaration and full qualifications of Learner.
  • Moderation Guide
    – This detailed guide offers instruction on all aspects pertaining to Moderators, from characteristics to fundamental background knowledge, functions, roles and responsibilities and the process. Essential documentation templates to be completed by the moderator are also included.
  • Final Integrated Summative Assessment
    – This assessment is based on the overall ELO of the skills programme and contains the Final Judgement Recording Sheet, Final Summative Questionnaire, the Knowledge and Practical Component and Workplace Application Component of the Learner.

As you can see an enormous amount of thought, planning and effort has gone into providing you with quality training material and that which is SAQA Aligned and SETA ready. Let us help you in not only accrediting your business but thereafter to help you hit the ground running with all that required of you to assist your Learners qualify! For clients that have already paid a deposit, and we don’t have their required qualification, we assist with a list of GOOD QUALITY MATERIAL DEVELOPERS. Check out our website for training material offers or call us today on 0313095811

We’re here to help you accredit your Learners!

are you ready to get SETA accredited?