Tooth and Nail

In the past three months we’ve used statements such as ‘our goal is to see you succeed’, ‘through thick and thin – JTandA will get you SETA accredited’ and ‘we’re here to keep you ahead of the pack!’ They’re prescribed marketing jargon aren’t they? I think a reader’s eyes often simply glaze over these empty promises. Although we constantly strive for 100% success rate; sometimes this isn’t possible due to the ever changing SETA requirements however, I know for certain that we continually endeavor to be and do that which we say we do.
This week, I received the following correspondence from a respected client, Bukani Mngoma. This gentleman has worked tooth and nail and with sheer determination is beginning to forge a name for himself. Here is the beginning of what promises to be a great success story.

“Mabhala Consulting has come a long way with attempting to be accredited. In fact we had two attempts at it. The first time I attempted to do it myself and the second time I enlisted the help of an organisation I had heard about. Both attempts successfully failed. But, the bug to provide accredited training continued to bite even after these failures.
Sometime in 2013 a business colleague gave me a list of respected organisations in KZN who could help me with the accreditation process.
It was then that I contacted Jeanine Topping and the process started once again. Still reeling from the previous failures, I struggled to understand and meet the need for all the requirements in the time frame given but Jeanine persisted with me and helped me to get everything correctly in place. The rest is history.
I don’t like to be boastful but would like to share a success that I have had since been properly accredited. An opportunity to provide accredited training to Corporative Governance and Traditional Affairs (KZN-COGTA) came along and I took my chance and submitted my proposal. It fitted the bill and I was appointed on the condition that we would run training for 75 people for four consecutive weeks in May this year. I was anxious given that it was the first time that I had to conduct an official accredited training programme. But, with the abled help of Jeanine Topping & Associates we were able to deliver the training and passed the expectation and required specifications with flying colours.
I now have a foot-in-the-door in KZN government and am also in the process of presenting the same programme to the provincial academy. This will be at a scale and scope not yet done before in this province.”
Assisting a new client to get their accreditation and see the business get off the ground is one thing. Seeing a client soar to exciting heights such as that of Bukani Mngoma’s and beyond is incredibly motivating for my staff and I!
So, if you don’t mind me saying so… Our goal IS to see you succeed! Through thick and thin – JTandA WILL get you SETA accredited and we ARE here to keep you ahead of the pack!’

are you ready to get SETA accredited?