Through Thick and Thin – JTandA Will Get You SETA accredited!

It’s often said that it’s not what you know but who you know.   We like to add our own spin to this; it’s not what you know but what you know about who you know!   Knowing and understanding exactly how the SETAs operate, what they require and how to broker their requirements to our clients is our key focus.

In essence, making the SETAs ‘life’ as ‘easy’ as possible in turn sets our client up with their best foot forward in what can be a frustrating, time consuming and energy sapping experience.  We do this by capacity building our training providers to understand the importance of implementing their policies and procedures as well as by explaining the training cycle.  We see ourselves as the intrinsic factor to alleviate the frustration often felt by SETA staff due to the lack of knowledge of training providers and their lack of wanting to implement quality into their businesses.

Whether its the use of the incorrect jargon or a lack of understanding of the processes –  these obstacles create communication red tape and place barriers in achieving the set out goal of accreditation.  We understand this well and therefore champion the correct communication channels knowing that this paves the way for more efficient communication between the SETA staff and our client with the least possible frustration on both sides of the desk in order to achieve each of the two needs.

We take great pride in ensuring that when clients files are submitted to the SETAs that they are correctly submitted; complying with the SETAs checklists and guidelines thus, speeding up the process for the ETQA department who operate more effectively when the stops and checks they require are adhered to.   The long and the short is that we aim to make the SETA and your life easier – prior preparation prevents poor performance.


are you ready to get SETA accredited?