The Value of a Retainer

In 2014 we worked alongside a Training Provider to assist them in obtaining their SETA accreditation. Upon receiving this accreditation they opted to set out independently and put their training skills to work.

Last week almost 2 years later I received a moderation request from the same client. I’m elated when I receive requests such as these as it indicates that the Training Provider currently practices what they obtained their accreditation for and, that they aren’t simply utilising non-accredited training programmes.

I began the moderating process only to discover the utilisation of outdated training material; the Provider has in all this time used the material that they purchased at the time of their accreditation. The unit standard currently used by them expired months ago and has subsequently been replaced with an update. In essence, the program is no longer applicable and may not be taught; 100 learners will now be notified that they will be required to redo the program with the updated Portfolio of Evidence (POEs), should they wish to carry the credits forward towards their national qualification. The Provider is also jeopardised as they are unable to progress from Provisional Accreditation to Full Accreditation status due to the incompletion of the ‘trained, assessed and moderated’ cycle.

I had a similar experience to the above in the recent past but, in this case the unit standard had been reregistered. The Provider had correctly printed the updated material however, they were at a loss on how to compile the file requiring the inclusion of training history (registers for the days, pre and post assessor/moderator and minutes of meetings etc.). After I had moderated the client and returned the POEs in the required format the client still maintained that the retainer we make available to keep our clients correctly accredited would be of no value to them. The SETA conducted a visit shortly thereafter only to place extensive remediation requirements in place. I can only surmise that it was a costly and time consuming exercise.

On achieving Accreditation, we supply the Provider with a comprehensive Quality Management System (the QMS is 200 page guideline on training providers best practice policies and procedures) in order to assist in maintaining the requirements for Accreditation. Most providers don’t make themselves familiar with the document and fail to manage the constant updates as time passes and as their businesses grow and change.

The SETAs are stringent with Providers requiring them to produce proof of annual reviews, maintain best practice, adherence to procedures etc. JTandA has an inherent understanding of the SETAs and for this reason offers a monthly retainer program for Providers once they have obtained accreditation. The Retainer ensures that our Retainer Clients understand and embrace the QMS document and in this way maintain their Accreditation. Furthermore, we hone in on capacity building our training providers to raise the bar on their business goals! For as little as R1999 per month, a client can get on with their business – PAID TO TRAIN – AND to keep getting PAID TO TRAIN while we assist in managing the detail!!
Contact our office to enquire about the various packages on offer; R1999 / R4500 or R6500 per month for 12 months

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