The Role of The Skills Development Facilitator

By Reshika Bhugoo (Skills Development Facilitator)

ATR, WSP, NQF, Mandatory grants, discretionary grants … Does the jargon in the training and development space have you going OMG, WTF?

Let’s help you unpack the lingo, assist in putting together fantastic plans, get refunds and get you noticed by your SETA!

What Is A Skills Development Facilitator?

Firstly, what exactly is a Skills Development Facilitator (SDF)?

An SDF is an individual who works to ensure that your company’s Workplace Skills Plan/Implementation Report is developed and implemented, while also serving as a liaison between you and your SETA.

What Is The Role Of An SDF?

SDFs shave many functions within the skills and development space; these include:

  • Assisting employers and employees in developing their workplace skills plan (WSP)
  • Submitting the WSP to the relevant SETA
  • Advising an employer on the implementation of their WSP.
  • Guiding the employer on how to implement the WSP.
  • Helping the employer to draft an annual training report on the WSP.
  • Advising on the quality assurance requirements set out by the SETA.
  • Acting as a contact person/liaison between the employer and the relevant SETA.
  • Serving as a skills development resource.
  • Conducts a Skills Audit in your workplace.
  • Assist in the alignment of skills against the National Qualification Framework
  • Source the correct Training Provider

Assisting Workplaces in Developing a Workplace Skills Plan (WSP)

A WSP is a document in which a company’s skills needs and the various skills development interventions needed to address these needs are listed.

Your SDF should develop and submit a yearly WSP to comply with the current Skills Development legislation in South Africa. A qualified and experienced SDF should do this.

By complying with these requirements, a company can access numerous skills training SETA grants. Yet, to qualify, your company will also have to submit your Annual Training Reports (ATR).

Submitting a WSP and ATR to Your SETA

Why is it necessary to submit a WSP and ATR?

Workplace Skills Planning (WSP) & Annual Training Report (ATR) Planning plays a key role in the implementation of education, training and development initiatives. Hence the Workplace Skills Plan (WSP), which allows an organisation to identify areas where skills are needed and plan interventions to answer the needs.

Failing to submit the WSP and ATR, will negatively impact your organisation’s B-BBEE Status and suspend your grant for the next year’s WSP.

Acting As A Consultant Between You and Your SETA

Let us assist by engaging with your SETA on your behalf and following up on Grants. Follow up on exciting projects that they have on offer to grow your business.

Conduct a Skills Audit in your workplace

Skills auditing is a process where your SDF identifies the skills gaps in an organisation. To conduct an efficient skills audit, the company must first have a well-structured base of skills needs, against which to measure the organisation’s existing skills.

The baseline of skills needs is referred to as a competence profile.

The skills audit further requires a clear profile of existing employees’ skills. The difference is the skills gaps that will need to be addressed through skills development and training.

Assist in the alignment of skills against the National Qualification Framework

The NQF was developed and implemented in 1998. At the same time, an applied competence framework was established to develop qualifications and better assess competence.

This framework still acts as a useful guide to gauge competence.

Your SDF will help to ensure that skills are aligned with this framework.

Source the correct Training Provider

Working with the right Training Provider (TP) is vital to the success of your business’ training and development. Your SDF will assist in finding the perfect match for you and your skills needs.

They will ensure that the TP specialise your industry, provide customised content, provide solid pre and post-training assistance and offers training in a method that works for your company.

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