The Power of Success Lies within your Administrator

An administrator is defined as a person responsible for carrying out the administration of a business or organisation. Often as a Skills Development Provider (SDP), your administrators’ role requires a considerable amount of multitasking – as let’s be honest, they need to complete lots of tasks in not a lot of time.

Over the years we have mastered the art of observing attributes in your administrator that determine the success of your training company. The way we see it, in order for you, as a Skills Development Provider (SDP), to succeed, the traits of your administrator can be compared to the 4 elements of nature:

  • Fire – your administrator needs to love what they do and must prosper when challenged! We know this sounds clichéd; however, we can’t signify enough the importance of your administrator understanding your Mission, Vision and Value Statements in order for them to recognise that they contribute to a much bigger picture and for that, they should be proud.
  • Water – usually your administrator is the connection between you as the Director, your learners, your facilitators, your assessors and your moderators (let’s not forget about your SETA – Sector Education and Training Authority too). Therefore, your administrator should have the ability to enforce harmony and peace in order to ensure the stable roll-out of your training.
  • Wind – your administrator should appreciate chaos and have the ability to adapt to change. The training landscape is constantly changing and so too do legislations and regulations, it’s vital that you as a Skills Development Provider (SDP) don’t get left behind.
  • Earth – your administrator must appreciate and respect order and structure. Your policies and procedures in your QMS (Quality Management System) are purposefully designed for the planning and execution of your training. Order and structure ensure that your administrator is working towards a common objective to endorse your company’s success.

If action is the foundational key to all success, as a Skills Development Provider (SDP) you can teach your administrator skills (or find out about our NEW Training Co-Ordinator Short Skills Course); however, a great attitude will assist your training company in growing to the next level.

The power of success lies within your administrator:
Wind will move them, fire will transform them, water will shape them, and earth will heal them.

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