Taking your business to new heights

We’re constantly looking for new ways of raising the service level bar; this largely encompasses new operations within our business which have a knock-on effect to assist our clients in taking their businesses to new heights.

Accreditation runs in our veins, it’s the lifeblood of JTandA. For this reason, we work tirelessly at evolving the way that we assist our clients in gaining their accreditation in order to make the process as efficient as possible.

So, in saying this; we’re thrilled to announce an exciting new development at JTandA…

We’ve taken our accreditation process online!!

This has a significant impact on you – our client’s accreditation process!!

Once you have paid for a Standard Accreditation Package and signed up with our
E-Learning training specialist, you have direct access at click of a button on our website during a time that’s convenient to you to all documents that are required as the process unfolds. You no longer need to wait for business hours or for someone to respond to your call or email; as and when you require them, you visit our website and all that’s required is at your disposal!

This new development gives you more control in the accreditation process and, it also allows your face-to-face training to be customised with E-Learning. In turn, you are able to offer your learners E-Learning too!

Furthermore, this new offering, grants you a Learner Management System which empowers you to manage all your learners, their courses, training schedules etc in an online environment which Facilitators and Assessors and Learners are all able to access.

Click here to view a live demo of how this all works!

JTandA – we’re here to help you take your business to new heights, heights where dreams soar!

are you ready to get SETA accredited?