Something’s on the horizon that will grow your business!

Twenty Seventeen has thus far been a good year at JTandA!  Many exciting new Training Providers have rolled up their sleeves to make a difference in the field of training whilst we have been exploring new ideas to elevate the Training Provider community to new heights!

Over the years in our new democracy, skills development has been identified as one of the most essential aspects of growing our economy and uplifting the workforce.  At JTandA, our objective has and will always be to promote the training industry which we believe to be essential in developing South Africans.  This being said; we’re in the starting blocks with a new product that will revolutionise the training industry and assist in the change we all strive for!

So if you’re a quality training organisation, an industry services provider, assessor, moderator or material developer who is serious about your business – keep your eyes and ears on us – we’re about to reform your business!!!

JTandA, your business is our business interest – keep your heads up; within the next ten days we’ll be making an exciting announcement!!!

are you ready to get SETA accredited?