The Safety and Security Sector Education and Training Authority (SASSETA) serves the safety and security environment of South Africa with the facilitation of skills development and qualifications.
IDQualification titleNQF LevelMin Credits
48921Further Education and Training Certificate: Road Traffic
24197National Certificate: Corrections Science4120
59889Further Education and Training Certificate: Military Operations4133
48879National Diploma: South African Special Forces Operations5297
61729National Diploma: Policing6248
49598National Diploma: Paralegal Practice5245
49337National Certificate: Multi-National Safety and Security Operations Management5122
17210Postgraduate Diploma: Attorneys' Practice7300
48553National Diploma: Corrections Science5240
61451Further Education and Training Certificate: Criminology4143
49709National Certificate: Criminology5134
49996National Diploma: Statutory Intelligence Practice (Technical Support)5240
48920National Certificate: Attorneys Practice7136
49852National Diploma: Applied Military Intelligence5240
64129National Certificate: Warship Operations5143
50541National Certificate: Locksmithing3123
49597National Certificate: Paralegal Practice5131
48868Further Education and Training Certificate (FETC): Statutory Intelligence4157
60329National Certificate: Statutory Intelligence Practice5166
62289Further Education and Training Certificate: Road Traffic Law Enforcement4145
49336National Certificate: Law Enforcement: Sheriffing5120
49102National Diploma: Statutory Intelligence Practice: Analysis6240
49100National Diploma: Statutory Intelligence Practice: Counterintelligence6240
49104National Diploma: Statutory Intelligence: Collection6240
49739Further Education and Training Certificate: Firearms Maintenance4130
49783National Diploma: Joint and Multi-National Operations6242
50023National Diploma: Legal Interpreting5240
58840National Certificate: Submarine Operations5141
50122National Certificate: Policing5130
49124National Diploma: Bomb Disposal5274
50102National Certificate: Dog Handling5131
50265National Certificate: Family Law Practice5120
50500National Diploma: Electronic Warfare5240
58696National Certificate: Close Protection5131
57713Further Education and Training Certificate: Specialist Security Practices4137
58577National Certificate: General Security Practices3124
57651National Certificate: Forensic Science5124
57977National Certificate: Forensic Biology6121
57938Further Education and Training Certificate: Dog Handling4121
59202National Certificate: National Defence and Security7120
58783National Certificate: Warship Command and Control6192
58183National Diploma: Forensic Pathology Support5240
59989National Certificate: Resolving of Crime5120
59258National Certificate: Polygraphy5120
63229National Diploma: Bomb Disposal5245
64389Further Education and Training Certificate: Corrections Services4130
78143Further Education and Training Certificate: Military Operations4133
49106National Certificate: Military Studies5120
78263National Higher Certificate: Special Combat Capabilities5123
80066National Certificate: Strategic Road Traffic Operations6156
80046National Certificate: Tactical Road Traffic Operations5143
80047National Certificate: Road Safety Development5140
58697Further Education and Training Certificate Security Installation Practice4136
90657National Certificate: Prosecuting5149
90652National Certificate: Ammunition Fitting5136
64929National Certificate: Vessel Safety Practices5139
64269Further Education and Training Certificate: Generic Management:
74510Further Education and Training Certificate: Electronic Security Installation Practices: General4136
64112Further Education and Training Certificate: Volunteer Support: Security Operations4138
62649National Diploma: Geospatial Image Analysis: Geographical Services5251
62650National Diploma: Geospatial Image Analysis: Military Operations5251

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