Sanda Skills – An Accreditation Success

Sanda Skills Development is one of our major success stories.

Sanda Skills found it difficult to find business since its formation in 2011, as they were a small company conducting non-accredited courses, which in turn had made business slow in terms of their turnover and monthly income.

In March 2015 they received their accreditation for the 5 Skills programme through JT&A, with one of them being Team leader, causing a life changing experience for their company. Ever since their accreditation with SSETA through JT&A, their turnover has increased by 20%.

Apart from being accredited they also never had a business plan and QMS in place with a lack of support systems. After they acquired the QMS from working with JT&A all of their systems, policies and procedures have been strengthened, further improving their internal capacity.

Now Sanda Skills finds it far easier to apply for any other training opportunities, with no doubt they will get chosen to run training. JT&A has additionally assisted all of their facilitators and they are now have registered constituent assessors, as well as two constituent moderators. This has allowed Sanda Skills to cut expenses through reducing freelancer spend, with everything now done in-house.

JT&A is glad to have helped this black female owned small company with such a turnaround in just the space of a year. We are expecting to assist them with train more team leaders in the next few months and we are looking forward to working with the team to help them achieve their business goals.


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