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we simplify seta accreditation

We understand the process can look complicated. But we’ve done it so many times, for so many industries
that it’s second nature for us. We don’t promise that it will be easy but do promise that we’ll help you every
step of the way.

Trusted & Recognised
Recognised by an ETQA (Education
Training Quality Assurance
Body) so people trust that the
training is outcome-based.

Award Credits
Accredited Training Providers are
able to award credits to learners
towards a Qualification.

Grow your Reputation
SMME Training Providers offering
short courses/workshops, are
able to develop their reputation
as an Accredited Provider

Attract More Clients
More organisations require Training
Providers to be accredited in
order to claim back their Skills
Development Levies.

how it works

Watch the video to understand what it takes to become SETA Accredited.

Are you ready to find out more about the SETA Accreditation process? 

We help training companies that have a genuine passion for developing people and are honest in what they promise their learners and want to be held accountable in how they conduct their business. Our clients are committed to the process of obtaining accreditation and are not looking to cut corners.

why choose jt & a to get accredited?

We help you realise your dreams

Making dreams happen is why we
do what we do. Becoming SETA
accredited can be a game changer
– if it’s done right.

We get you through the process

It’s a simple process but it’s not easy
unless you have someone to show
you the ropes. We’ll hold your hand
until the end.

We help you get better

We have a team of partners that
will help you grow your training
business so that you can make
more money, get more customers
and build your reputation.

the importance of seta accreditation

SETA will ensure that the training provided to learners is
coordinated with industry standards and that they gain valuable knowledge.

We’ve had a lot of discussion about SETA Accreditation and its benefits, and now it’s time to
highlight the importance of SETA, which is described by the following factors:

Strong skills development score
SARS Employment Tax Incentives
Reinforce Credibility
Extensive Program Range
Accredited Health & Safety Providers
Develop Leadership Skills

our values

We’re determined

Achieving accreditation is a simple process – if all the steps are followed. So we are relentless in making sure we hold you accountable to giving us what we need, so that we can see you through to the end of the journey. But don’t fear – we’ll hold your hand and cheer you on when the going gets tough.

We have high standards

That doesn’t mean we’re arrogant. It means we’re committed to doing our best work so that we can live up to our promise to you. But it also means that we need you to do your best because we won’t submit your application until we’re confident it’s 100% up to scratch. Just like you, we’ve worked hard to build our name and we won’t risk tarnishing it.

​We’re a team

We know that sounds like such a cliché but when you work with us you’ll quickly realise that we rely on each other a great deal. It’s why we look for ways to have fun together, motivate and encourage each other and step in when someone is having a bad day.

We’re passionate about people

It’s so easy to say that, but we genuinely are. We believe that every person is unique and has been put on this earth for a purpose. Our mission is to help people grow into what they’ve been called to do and to realise the value they have to offer. Our greatest thrill is seeing someone reach their goals and then celebrate with them.

We operate with integrity

One of our pet hates is corruption and unfortunately, we’re faced with it daily. But we refuse to succumb to the pressure and will always operate honestly and ethically because then everyone wins. Our clients and their learners trust that the certificate they receive is worth the paper it’s written on.

what does it mean to be an accredited training provider?

“Accreditation” is the certification of a provider for a particular period of time to deliver training on Qualifications and part Qualifications/ or Unit Standards registered on the NQF.

Training Providers can apply to deliver training, conduct assessments or to do both. All providers that apply for accreditation will go through a process of site evaluation and program evaluation to ensure that training and assessments are aligned with the relevant qualifications and Unit Standards (MICT SETA).

the benefits of being SETA accredited


When you are SETA Accredited, you offer training that is recognised by an ETQA (Education Training Quality Assurance Body) – which means you offer quality outcomes-based training. This training is practical and both you and your learners can use this knowledge in the workplace.

Award Credits

As a SETA Accredited Training Provider, you are able to award credits to your learners towards a Qualification. For the SMME Training Providers who offers short courses/workshops, this is an ideal opportunity to develop your reputation as an Accredited Provider.

​Become a Preferred Provider

Most organisations are requiring Training Providers to be accredited in order to be able to claim back their Skills Development Levies.

are you ready to get SETA accredited?

We offer one-on-one consultations to help prospective clients understand what is involved in becoming SETA Accredited. Before deciding to start this journey, it’s extremely important to ensure you know what is involved. 

grow your business

Maximise your accreditation

Getting SETA accredited is just the first step to taking your training business to the next level. It’s what you do with your accreditation that will set you apart from your competitors. 

We have formed relationships with like-minded businesses that specialize in the various aspects of running a successful business. We encourage you to get in touch with them.

facilitator assessor courses

We encourage our Training Providers to complete the Facilitator Training Course with trainyoucan. Check their website for dates on their latest courses.  

market your business

Maximise your newly acquired accreditation by marketing it to the right people. BrandHeart are marketing specialists and offer a range of services and packages.

grow your business

Marlene is a certified business ActionCOACH and has a passion for helping businesses position themselves to survive and thrive. She will provide you with tools that can be applied in your business.

accounting & tax

Aureum Consulting are able to provide a one-stop process to help get you compliant. Services include company registrations, tax clearance certificates, 5 year cash flow projection and an accountant’s letter.

We offer Capacity Building Workshops that will help you grow and understand everything there is
to know about SETA Accreditation.

It’s a great networking opportunity to meet other Training Providers
who don’t offer what you do.

Do you want to get access to free webinars, receive tips on growing your business, SETA accreditation and more?