SA HOST Customer Excellence Training Feedback

Jeanine Topping is a licensed SA Host Facilitator and has recently been a busy bee conducting training all over South Africa.
SA Host is a national programme to develop service excellence skills and promote a culture of customer service in South Africa.

It does this by:

Creating an awareness of the importance of the individual’s role in delivering superior customer service in their place of work and their community.
The experience gained from similar programmes run in fourteen countries worldwide, has been used to develop the SA Host programme.

Here is what some of our SA Host trainees have to say about the 2 day course:

  1. I found this course very interesting as I can now identify the important aspects of customer service. I also learned how to improve my professionalism and pride in providing excellent customer service. – Nonkululeko Mgwili
  2. I learned a lot from the section on how to deal with angry customers, handle them and their complaints. – Pearl Muvuna
  3. I was helped a great deal on understanding why customers may be angry, how to deal with it effectively. The section on listening skills was brilliant. – Ramona Mahadoo


To book your staff on the SA host programme please call Jeanine our SA Host Facilitator on 031-3095811 or

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