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We Rise by Lifting Others

01 September 2017, spring fever had hit both JTandA Seta Accreditation Specialists and Sanda Skills Development… the match had been set and both teams were ready! One might ask what is the purpose of playing soccer? Of course, to entertain but entertainment does not come without any goals. 

Sanda Skills Development is a unique training company who received their SETA Accreditation in 2013 under the guidance and support of JTandA. JTandA and Sanda Skills Development continue to share a great working relationship as Sanda Skills Development have plunged into the SETA Accreditation process yet again with an Extension of Scope and various Memorandum of Understandings with some of the other SETA’s. Together, we  are going through the process of SETA site evaluation and program evaluation to ensure that training and assessments are aligned with the relevant qualifications and Unit Standards.

In reflection, we have entitled this blog “We Rise by Lifting Others”. For JTandA, we rise by lifting training providers by successfully securing their accreditation with the 21 various SETA’s and over the years we have aided more than 400 National Training Providers with their SETA Accreditation applications. For Sanda Skills Development, they rise by delivering quality learning programs and to date, for over 2000 learners. What a privilege for JTandA to be part of such an accomplishment for Sanda Skills Development.

Coincidentally, the final score was a draw of 1-1.

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