Relationships: SETA and Clients

In the bustling world of business the objective of most is to outdo their competitors and, come hell or high water be the tallest poppy in every aspect of service and delivery.   Setting the bar at the bench mark of our competitors is and will never be our yard stick.  At JTandA, we march to the beat of our own drum and set the bar at a level that we believe forces us to live outside of our comfort zones in order to make our best better than what our best was the day before.

It’s this philosophy that we believe is the gut of what makes us different from those in our field of business.  Lip service is one thing, delivering is another; but it goes beyond that, our interest lies in not just assuring that our clients become accredited but, most importantly, we care about what happens after we help our clients receive their accreditation.
In some instances, the SETAs don’t see the value of companies helping providers achieve their accreditation – as in the case of many state facilities; the consultants merely attend to their duties in order to tick the box.

With all things in life, there are days when things become pear shaped – and in the accreditation process, they often do!  Accountability is a challenging thing to swallow for most, throw the laissez-faire approach of many of the consultants into the mix and what seemingly is a cookie cut process becomes a bureaucratic wreck.   At JTandA, we try as best as possible to shield our clients from the frustration and petulance of the rudder-less behind the scenes botch.   Our approach therefore is to as best as possible avoid landing up in these troubled waters.  We do this by assuring our client a very professional service despite the mayhem that lurks.  We strive to guide and assist in every unforeseeable scenario by capacity building them to understand all submitted documentation and thereafter, roll out their training using business best practice.  As running partners, we offer ongoing support in the way of monthly retainers whereby we ensure Quality Management Policy and Procedures are constantly being considered and correct assessment and moderation procedures are implemented thereby ensuring learner statement results and competence certificates are received.

Jeanine as team leader carries vast endurance gained from working for an outsourced company who were contracted to the Services Seta to perform verification on training providers and approve their status for accreditation.  During this one year contract she met and viewed forty five training provider applications with only five cracking accreditation.  Forty applicants failed their verification due to not having addressed all criteria required for accreditation.   Our strength lies in knowing this and passing this invaluable knowledge on to clients as they approach their accreditation.

Our service and partnership has an open door policy which we make available for whenever and however many times a client requires our assistance and guidance.   Here the bar is not set but temporary placed and it’s our fundamental difference –  through thick and thin – JTandA will get you SETA accredited!

are you ready to get SETA accredited?