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Real Estate Professional – Generate Additional Income Through Training!

By: Tyrone Wiggins 

Whether you are a conveyancing firm or a real estate agency, there is no doubt that you felt the real estate boom of 2020, despite the pandemic. Whether this was due to the record-low interest rate or other market factors – this industry has remained somewhat stable during these uncertain times. 

This being said, there is always that chance that the market could fluctuate. So, have you ever considered generating additional revenue by offering real estate training?

Services SETA Real Estate Level 4 and 5 Accreditation

Why don’t you get accredited with the SERVICES SETA for SAQA id- 59097 Further Education and Training Certificate: Real Estate level 4 and SAQA id- 20188 National Certificate: Real Estate level 5 which will cover the following:

This Qualification is for any individual who is/or wishes to be involved in the property and real estate industry. It serves to support and advance the functioning of individuals in this industry. This Qualification will be registered at NQF Level 5.

A learner can complete the Qualification with a specialisation in Property Management, Real Estate or Valuation. The Core Unit Standards are relevant to each area of specialisation.

Learners working towards this Qualification will find that the acquisition of competence in the Unit Standards that comprise the Qualification will add value to their understanding of the sector and functioning in the workplace. This Qualification is intended to build on the skills gained in the level 4 Qualification. It will provide for consolidation of the broad knowledge, skills and values needed in the property and real estate industry.

The Qualification will facilitate access to, and mobility and progression within education and training and to progress along a learning path for learners who:

  • Were previously disadvantaged or who were unable to complete their schooling and were therefore denied access to Further Education and Training.
  • Have worked in real estate for many years, but have no formal Qualification in real estate or property.
  • Wish to extend their range of skills and knowledge of the industry so that they can become competent workers in the property industry.

The Qualification consists of building blocks that can be developed further and will lead to a more specialised learning path in Property and Real Estate at higher NQF levels. It focuses on the skills, knowledge, values and attitudes required to progress further. The intention is:

  • To promote the development of knowledge, skills and values that are required in property and real estate.
  • To help learners realise their potential in the field.
  • To provide opportunities for people to progress to levels of authority and confidence in the real estate industry.

Another exciting qualification that you can offer will be SAQA id- 102147 Occupational Certificate: Facilities Manager which you can get accreditation with the QCTO.

Purpose: The purpose of this Qualification is to prepare a learner to operate as a Facilities Manager. A Facilities Manager organises, controls and coordinates the strategic and operational management of facilities in a public or private organisation.

A qualified learner will be able to:

  • Manage client, staff and supplier contracts and agreements.
  • Plan and manage service and support functions required for a sustainable business.
  • Plan and manage the business support systems and processes (executive functions).
  • Analyse and attend to client/user needs to sustain and support the core business.


If you would like to maximise your revenue for this year and take advantage of becoming a training provider in the real estate space, get in touch with us today!

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