Quality Training Provider Success Programme

Our Quality Training Provider Success Programme will kick off in February 2019 and includes Accreditation Assistance (for one Qualification without Training Material) and the following 1-day workshops in either Durban or Johannesburg.

Business Strategy – taking the steps from Dreaming to Achieving
We will be covering your business’ WHY, HOW and WHEN; and then use these to set realistic targets for your Training Company to ensure net profit achievements.

Understanding the 4 Phases of Accredited Training

Unfortunately, a lot of Training Providers obtain Accreditation without understanding the full spectrum of training and often fail at one of these stages!  Don’t be like the rest! Come learn how to do it properly from the beginning and let us help you make sure you are still in business 1 year from now!

How to Implement Quality into your Training Company

No one likes a thick file of Policies and Procedures; however, this workshop is like the glue that holds your business together.  We unpack these Policies and show you how to use them in your unique business so that they make sense.

Unpacking your Training Material

Have you bought training material from a developer – received it on a flash or online, and now don’t know what to do with it?  80% of Training Providers are unaware of how to roll out their training using the correct documents. Let us unpack each element and show you who gets what and when.

Costing and Marketing your Training correctly

This is one of the biggest mistakes we see our Training Providers make – let us teach you how to save costs, as well as what the hidden costs are involved in Training.  Learn marketing techniques that you can use that won’t cost you a cent but will help to grow your business.

Understanding why Companies Train

What is this whole BBBEE, SDL, WSP and ATR thing? And how it affects you as a Training Provider?  How can you educate your clients on why it is so important to use you as an Accredited Training Provider?

How to get your learners to complete their POEs

Do you remember having projects at school that you hated? Well, adults have taken this thought and never changed their thinking.  We teach you how to ensure your learners are excited to complete their POEs by using the well renowned Dr. Caroline Leaf – Neuroscientist – Switch on Your Brain Technique; which you can use to help your learners see the bigger picture of the learning intervention in their lives.

Why record keeping is so important for a Training Provider

Learners – no matter how old they are – loose documents!  Forget training dates!  Providers are often so busy training that they lose track of when their learners came to training, who handed an assignment in and whose are still outstanding!  We have developed a basic, easy to use LMIS that you can use to record and track your learners’ progress.  Our Customer Management System will also help you track your client details, quotes and follow up dates.

Why Moderators overturn your Assessment results

The biggest reason is that Assessors don’t complete the correct 6 stages of Assessment and often the Moderator cannot see how they “engaged” with the learners POEs.  Often the evidence presented by learners is insufficient – we will upskill you to know what evidence learners need to produce for moderators to confirm your learners’ competency results.

Understanding the differences between Grants, Bursaries, Funded and Unfunded Learnerships

Yes, you need to know the differences!  We will upskill you with simple to understand concepts of the above so that you can speak with authority when quoting your clients and prospective clients for Training.

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