QCTO Changes to Accreditation effective 1st July 2018

This week the QCTO (Quality Council for Trade and Occupations) released a much-anticipated update on Circular 1 issued in December 2017.

In this notification the QCTO confirmed that they have recommended to SAQA that all qualifications with an end registration date 30 June 2018 be re-registered for a period of five years.

Some other important points covered:

  1. During the stipulated 5-year period, the QCTO in collaboration with the QAPs (SETAs) will finalise de-registration or re-alignment of Historically Registered Qualifications and skills programmes.
  2. Qualifications which have been re-registered may be de-registered before the end of the 5-year period.
  3. The SETAs (Quality Assurance Partners – QAPs) will remain responsible for the accreditation applications for Skills Programmes and the implementation of Learnerships.
  4. As from 1st July 2018 all new applications to offer Historically Registered Qualifications and/or gazetted trades must be made directly to QCTO.
  5. A letter of intent must be submitted to the QCTO before applying to the QAP (SETA).
  6. The QCTO will acknowledge the letter and advise the Training Provider (Skills Development Provider – SDP) to either follow the QAP (SETA) accreditation process or to apply (through QCTO) for a registered Occupational Qualification which replaces the Historically Registered Qualification.
  7. The QAP (SETA) will complete the accreditation process and will send the outcome and recommendation to the QCTO. The accreditation letter will be issued by QCTO.
  8. The QAP (SETA) will conduct monitoring visits but may be accompanied by a QCTO representative.
  9. FISAs (Final Integrated Summative Assessments) for Historically Registered Qualifications will be phased in with voluntary QAPs (SETAs).
  10. The QAPs (SETAs) will issue certificates for Historically Registered Qualifications after the learner achievements have been quality assured by QCTO.

Read the full notification.

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