Put on your perspectacles

Following on from our previous blogs, this week we would like you to put your “perspectacles” on so we can engage with you, as a Skills Development Provider (SDP) on how you can choose a different outcome.  It’s easy to get locked into a certain way of thinking especially when it comes to Accreditation and our purpose today is to help you look up at the stars and see things differently.

Let’s start with a simple topic that we can all relate to both personally and professionally. Customer service. What does customer service mean to you? Being helpful? Taking care of a customer’s needs? High quality service? Can we agree that on a daily basis we have some sort of experience with customer service (whether personally or professionally)?

According to SAQA (if you need a refresher on who SAQA is, check out our ‘Who’s Who?’ blog) customer service falls under a variety of sectors. Let’s use SAQA ID 119676 Apply the skills of customer care in a specific work environment as an example. This unit standard (the smallest unit that can be credited to a learner for a recognised learning outcome) is aligned to 16 different Qualifications which fall under 8 of the 21 SETAs (Sector Education and Training Authorities). At jt&a, we strive to undertake a thorough needs analysis with our Skills Development Providers (SDPs) in order to ensure that they qualify (meet the requirements) of their chosen SETA (Sector Education and Training Authority).

Often, we are approached by Skills Development Providers (SDPs) whom have done their own research and their dream is to get Accredited with a specific SETA (Sector Education and Training Authority). When we unpack the requirements, we discover that the Skills Development Provider (SDP) does not meet the requirements and therefore we need to look at their dream from another perspective (we are after all dream makers not dream breakers).

Having been in the industry for 10 years now, we don’t believe obtaining your Accreditation should be a tick box exercise and our aim is that Skills Development Providers (SDPs) actually make the most out of their Accreditation process (ultimately train what you get Accredited for). We believe in making sure that you make an informed decision from the get-go and in order to achieve this, we must together understand your dream, the pathways and hurdles in order to make your dream happen.

Struggling to see the woods for the trees?

Need someone to help you get some perspective?

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