Opportunity Knocks!

Looking at the proverbial glass, so many people – especially after the SONA address last week look at the glass as half empty. We however prefer to remain optimistic given how many fabulous opportunities currently exist which we are aware of!

SETA have over 100 000 opportunities currently available! It’s staggering isn’t it?! The Department of Higher Education and Training announced that learners have access to a range of learning programme opportunities through any of the 21 SETAs. Prospects include bursaries, internships, learnerships, skills programmes, apprenticeships and work-integrated learning.

The diverse SETA training opportunities making up the 100 000 count is very encouraging and it provides hope for every person as it caters for strengths and interests in various different fields. Here are some industries and ideas of the training offered:

Agriseta – opportunities in Mechanics for vehicles, Animal & Plant Production, Veterinarian Biology, Food Safety and MANY MORE!

Bankseta- opportunities in Finance, IT, Accounting, Auditing, Credit and Risk Assessment and MANY MORE,

Cathsseta – opportunities in Generic Management, Sports Management, Catering and MANY MORE,

Ceta – Construction supervision, Plumbing, Civil Engineering, Property Management, Carpentry, Bricklaying, Road Works and MANY MORE!

Fasset – opportunities in Economy, Tax, Financial Investment and MANY MORE!

FP&Mseta – opportunities in Manufacturing Processes, Sewing, Photography and MANY MORE!

Merseta – opportunities in Engineering, Fitting, Automative Repair, Spray Painting, Turners and MANY MORE,

Mictseta – opportunities in Systems Support, Media, Advertising, Film and Media, IT, Telecommunications and MANY MORE!

We could go on and on and on; see our website for all the opportunities!
I couldn’t believe the 100 000 number – so here’s the breakdown that proves the number!


Please note: SETAs do not provide learnerships directly to the public. They facilitate the creation of learnerships with employers. You can contact us to find out how you can become accredited with a SETA and offer learnerships as a business to cater for these needs!

See our website for the full list of the 100 000 opportunities – remember, we’re here to help you up-skill others!

are you ready to get SETA accredited?