Multiple SETA accreditations?

Our clients often find that their area of expertise crosses over more than one SETA; the question is then raised – which SETA is required for accreditation?


First things first, a training provider is required to have a Primary Provider Accreditation with one of the SETAs.  Thereafter, the provider is able to apply for a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with any of the other twenty different SETAs.

In order to keep their business goal clear, our suggestion to clients is to make the primary SETA the SETA where the majority of their training is conducted.  For example, if a training provider spends the best part of the month offering Soft Skills training but also offers First Aid, the primary registration would be with the Services SETA and hereafter a MOU would be signed with the Health & Welfare SETA.  Under some circumstances, the unit standards even extend over multiple SETAs and hence does not require multiple SETA registrations.  E.g.  The First Aid unit standard is found under numerous SETAs.

Some SETAs however aren’t accessible to all Providers due to specific criteria.  For example, in order for a Training Provider to be granted accreditation by the Health & Welfare SETA, one of the company Directors is required to hold a qualification in the field specific that training accreditation is being applied for.  Meaning, if a training company wishes to offer the Nursing qualification, the Director is required to hold a registered Nursing Certificate.

Knowledge such as the above is one of the many reasons JTandA strive to keep abreast of the SETAs and the fields they serve, it enables us to best advise our clients on the SETA that most applies to their business.  Thereafter, should a MOU application potentially offer business growth, we work closely with the client to select the most suitable SETA for this development.


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