How to lose your SETA Accreditation – or not!

Any SETA will take action against training providers who do not adhere to the accreditation agreement and conditions they have with a training provider when they are awarded their accreditation.  Some training providers are not aware that certain conduct by them will result in criminal transgressions.

Some of these may be:

• Learners assessed against unit standards which the accredited training provider, assessor or moderator    have not been accredited or registered for.
• The forwarding of summative assessments to learners to be completed at home in an uncontrolled environment. (Full Qualifications – Final Integrated Summative Assessments)
• Training at non-accredited facilities
• Using non-registered assessors to assess or moderators to moderate etc.
• Using non-registered verifiers to verify etc.
• Marketing wrong information to the Public/Learners in a manner that constitutes misrepresentation in terms of what unit standards / qualification the provider has been accredited for
• Not complying to the accreditation criteria and conditions
• Registered assessors and moderators not adhering to code of conduct and not fulfilling their functions adequately
• Discrepancies with regard to learner achievement submissions to the SETA’s
• Using training materials that have not been accredited or approved by the relevant ETQA
• Learners being found competent in Qualifications and Unit standards that weren’t assessed against or trained in by the provider.
• Provisionally registered assessors and moderators conducting assessments and moderations after status has expired and provisionally accredited providers offering training after status has expired
• Non completion of applicable documentation within (20) days by the training provider and submission to the SETA so that the learner achievements can be captured on the database and uploaded to the NLRD (National Learner Record Database) in terms of the unit standards and qualifications that the learner has been declared competent against
• Improper use of the SETA’s developed training material
NB!  Any accredited training provider who is involved in the above activities shall be subjected to a de-accreditation process after due diligence has been followed and concluded.  Learners who are misled by training providers will be advised to open criminal cases against training providers where appropriate.  We further encourage training providers to report any training provider or person involved in the above.
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Article jointly written by JTandA and SASSETA

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