Lockdown Innovation: Upskill Your Staff Online

Lockdown Innovation: Upskill Your Staff Online 

The COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with the nation-wide lockdown, has changed how companies operate. There is no denying the significant impact it has had on the South African economy and undoubtedly your business. 

However, instead of focussing on the negative, here at JT&A, we are rolling with the punches, continually looking for new ways to support our clients and help South African businesses get accredited, despite constraints. 

How to grow yourself and your training company during COVID-19 lockdown

Upskill Your Staff Online 

It is no secret that for the past few years, technology has revolutionised how we learn. Lectures and courses are no longer only confined to physical classrooms, and an abundance of digital and e-learning solutions are now available.

According to recent statistics, the worldwide e-learning market is projected to be worth $325 Billion by 2025, and E-learning companies experienced a remarkable 900% growth between 2001-2017.

Further research taken from a survey conducted with 2500 companies, found that those businesses that incorporated comprehensive training programmes had a 218% higher revenue per employee as well as much higher profit margins. 

This makes online learning an attractive opportunity to upskill your employees – particularly during the COVID-crisis, where social distancing has to be applied. 

Benefits of Online Learning

  • No Geographic Restrictions: you can study from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. 
  • Cost-Effective – as there is no physical lecture hall or classroom, online courses are often slightly cheaper. 
  • Scalable: online learning courses offer bigger capacity for students, as there are no physical classrooms that can fill up. The number of learners taking a class can sometimes be infinite. 
  • Flexibility: most online courses allow learners to study with a more relaxed schedule, letting them go at their own pace. This enables after hour learning. 

QCTO and E-Learning

Due to the current national lockdown in South Africa, the QCTO (Quality Council For Trades & Occupations) have opened eLearning on the OQSF (Occupational Qualifications Sub-Framework). 

While current regulations around many qualifications and trades on the OQSF generally prohibit online learning, the QCTO recognises the challenges that social distancing poses. As such they have taken the decision to relax regulations around the mode of delivery for qualifications on this sub-framework.

Skills Development Providers are urged to take note of the following provided the necessary support is given to those learners without access to devices or internet:

  1. All knowledge and practical learning for OQSF qualifications and trades may be conducted through online or blended learning – even where the qualification specifies that this is not possible;
  2. Formative or ongoing assessments can also be conducted through online channels;
  3. Final summative assessments (such as the External Integrated Summative Assessment, Trade Tests or Final Assessments) may not at this stage be conducted online and all evidence must be collected as usual;
  4. SDPs that have an urgent need to conduct final summative assessments, and have a robust methodology in place, may apply to the QCTO in writing for special permission to conduct final assessments; and
  5. The qualification requirements have been complied with, and where deviations are required, permission for such deviations has been sought in writing from the QCTO.

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Accreditation” is the certification of a provider for a particular period to deliver training on Qualifications and part Qualifications/ or Unit Standards registered on the NQF.

Training Providers can apply to deliver training, conduct assessments or to do both. All providers that apply for accreditation will go through a process of site evaluation and program evaluation to ensure that training and assessments are aligned with the relevant qualifications and Unit Standards (MICT SETA).

While we are staying at home during the lockdown, we want you all to know that we perform most of our work online and are still available for all of your accreditation needs. 

Get in touch with us on reception@jtanda.co.za to get accredited and grow your business today!