Let us help you to go from Provisional to Full Accreditation

You’ve been through the process and have finally been awarded your Accreditation – or more likely provisional Accreditation.

So, what is Provisional Accreditation and how do you go about getting Full Accreditation?

Provisional Accreditation can be likened to having a learner’s license.

Once provisional accreditation has been awarded it is up to you to prove to the SETA that you are going to train and follow all of the processes as you had promised to do in your application.

You are required to go “full cycle” (enrol, facilitate, assess/moderate and certify) with your first group of learners before the expiry date indicated on your accreditation report.

Failing to do so could cause your Accreditation to lapse.

Once you have gone “full cycle” with your first group of learners, you will usually receive a notification of an audit/monitoring visit from the SETA.

During this visit, a SETA verifier will come to your premises and conduct an audit on your accreditation, learner and SETA completed workshop files etc.

Assuming everything is in order, the SETA should award full accreditation and extend the expiry date on your accreditation report.

At JTandA we believe in not only helping you to attain your accreditation, but have developed ways to capacity build you as a training provider both during and after the accreditation process.

The goal of these services, including our various monthly retainer packages (with 3 tier options to suit your budget), is to ensure that you retain your accreditation.

After all, you’ve worked so hard to earn your Accreditation – so why loose it!

Contact us for more information on how we can help you go from Provisional to Full Accreditation.