Learner Recruitment

Skills Development Providers (SDPs) often erroneously combine Learner Recruitment and Learner Enrolment into the same process generally due to four common mistakes:

  1. Rushing to recruit learners in a short period of time.
  2. Not marketing sufficiently which leads to not attracting a lot of learners whom your training would be perfect for.
  3. Not specifying the location of training sufficiently.
  4. Focussing too much on the cost of training solely.

The result of this approach is that it negatively impacts the success of not only you as the Skills Development Provider (SDP) but also the success of your learners. So, let’s go back to the basics in order to strengthen your foundation.

As your company is conscious of the varied backgrounds and needs of all learners applying for your training, the purpose of your learner recruitment procedure is to:

  1. Identify the learning needs and learning support needs for each learner.
  2. Ensure that learners are appropriately placed on your learning courses.
  3. Improve learner achievement.

Learner recruitment is fairly simple but not easy. Jt&a have decided to disregard “tips and tricks” when it comes to learner recruitment and in lieu relate, encourage and guide you with the below recommendations:

  1. Conduct learner recruitment in a sensitive manner in order to accommodate the various needs and backgrounds of your learners.
  2. Allow sufficient time to recruit learners… after all, the secret to your success is determined by how you manage your time.
  3. Ensure that your staff that conduct Learner Recruitment are qualified and skilled.
  4. Ensure that the learning course information is clearly explained to your learners and covers:
    • Minimum entry requirements.
    • Career pathways once the learner is deemed competent.
    • Content and outcomes of the course.
    • Teaching methods and materials.
  5. Ensure that learners’ ability and skills are appropriately assessed (ask your potential learners to complete a Pre-Assessment) in order to identify their learning and support needs to make their learning experience as effective as possible.
  6. Disclose the suburb of training to learners to ensure they are able to commute to and from training.

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