Learner Enrolment

With 8 Mondays left until we reach December, we are swiftly approaching that time of year where we start hearing from Skills Development Providers (SDPs) that they are starting to close off training projects and will start enrolling new learners in the New Year.

What better way to invest in your training division, if you are planning to start 2020 with a bang, than to spend the last quarter of 2019 focusing on possibly the most neglected phase of the 4 Phases of Training, Learner Enrolment.

As the age old saying goes, “If you want to get your ducks in a row, you must first get your head above water” yet historically, January becomes a mad rush to enrol as many learners as we can with minimal information. With reference to Learner Enrolment, the most common miscalculations are time and what does Learner Enrolment actually entail (let’s be honest, Learner Enrolment is more than just getting your learners to complete an enrolment form). So, here’s a few things to ask yourself to ensure your “head is above water” before you start training in 2020:

  • Proper preparation prevents poor performance.

When does your SETA Accreditation expire and what do you need to do to obtain your Accreditation Extension? If you plan to start training in January 2020 and your Accreditation End Date is in March 2020, it would be unwise to not use the time you have now to research and start the process of requesting an extension on your Accreditation. We would highly recommend that your starting point be to check your Accreditation Report sooner rather than later. Furthermore, what processes do you currently have in place to monitor your SETA Accreditation?

  • Marketing is telling the world you’re a rock star.

Old methods of marketing are no longer rewarding, and the sad reality is that many Skills Development Providers (SDPs) have no long term and systematic approach to marketing their training services. This means that although we may be planning on starting training in January, we need to start marketing now. Let’s take this one step further and ask the question, how does your team respond to enquiries generated as a result of your marketing?

  • Budgeting is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.

A lot of Skills Development Providers (SDPs) notify us that they “thumb suck” on a pricing structure for their training services (most of the time after phoning their competitors and then undercutting their price). Have you done a proper budget taking into consideration how many days will your facilitator be facilitating in terms of Notional Hours; how many pages need to be printed per learner; what are the other hidden costs of training? etc.

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