It’s all about our Team

HE Luccock once said; “No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” This is how we at JTandA see ourselves and the extension of our business – our clients and suppliers. Inasmuch as we’re a SETA accreditation company, we are a multi-faceted service provider because of the team of world-class professionals involved in our daily accomplishments. Today, we’d like to introduce the fabulous organisations that play a key role in the overall goal of assisting our clients to become successful.




Beginning with the end in mind – the training of Assessors and Moderators; Ezra from Trainyoucan spearheads this process. For more than 15 years, Ezra and his team have assisted organisations nationwide to maximise investments through staff development. Read more about their services




“Be a yardstick for quality. Some people are not used to an environment where quality is expected.” Steve Jobs. We have such belief in statements such as these that we refer our clients to the Association for Skills Development in South Africa (ASDSA); a professional body that represents skills development practitioners and skills development administrators. Not only does ASDSA keep their members abreast with changes in policy and legislation but they also set a code of conduct and draw up a constitution for members to abide by thus setting an industry quality standard. Familiarise yourself at




It’s one thing ensuring training is correctly undertaken, it’s another ensuring that what is being taught is understood and retained by learners. An extremely beneficial system which tracks learners progress and assists in the rolling out of a well-oiled Learner Management System is offered by David Meredith. We strongly advocate the use of his fine tuned system, see more at




We’ve made mention of our monthly retainer service a number of times; the purpose is to assist in keeping your business in order and ahead of the pack. This effective service is made efficient by an easy to use debit order system. To safeguard our clients, we use one of South Africa’s most trusted and efficient debit order companies, Three Peaks. Debbie Jones has always provided us with outstanding service; take a look at




The most successful athletes in the world are coached, the world’s greatest philosophers have wardens and the wealthiest businesses have mentors. ActionCOACH is a system JTandA employs to generate a thriving company culture.
Their proven systems have helped us to break through the glass ceiling and assisted us to challenge our comfort zones daily in order to keep growing personally and as a business. I’m immensely grateful for their hand in our daily business, see more about them

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Whilst we do well what we do daily, we also need to safeguard our brand – that which distinguishes us from our competition; this we leave confidently in the hands of ingenious brand specialists Coffee Creative Studio. Coffee boasts some of Durban’s most innovative, creative and passionate minds who have not only built a great relationship with me but, have offered their diverse expertise allowing me to develop the JTandA brand creatively. This steadfast brand building is a firm objective in my achieving the goals I have set for JTandA’s. Meet Chris Micklewood and his team by taking a look at them here
Our goal is to see you partner with us and succeed!

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