The Implementation of your Quality Management System

The Implementation of your Quality Management System.

The top management of your training company should be committed to ensuring the implementation of your Quality Management System (QMS). Your QMS is your set of policies, processes and procedures developed based on the legislation, regulations and principles of the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).  No quality initiative within a company can succeed without commitment from top management. As a training provider, what does this mean to you?…

When you have uploaded learner details to the Skills Education Training Authorities (SETA) you are Accredited with, they will schedule a visit with you for the Evaluator to come and view your learner Portfolio of Evidences (POEs) to ensure the assessment and moderation principles, methods and procedures have been followed.  Another important criterion for the Evaluator will be to ensure you have implemented your Quality Management System during your Training Roll-Out.

Proof that you have been engaging with your Quality Management System can be in the form of:

  1. Management System Review Minutes of Meetings – detailing what policies and procedures have been updated or added. It is very important to list all the changes to your Quality Management System that you may have done throughout the year as your Quality Management System is your Company’s guiding document as to how effective and efficient your procedures are being implemented.
  2. Learner and Client Feedback Forms – what are you doing with this information? Are you reviewing these forms and taking into consideration the feedback?  Is there any specific feedback received that you may want to improve your efficiency i.e. if learners are complaining about the venue, maybe it is time to re-look at another venue?  This information should be documented with an action plan in place as to Who, What, Where and When this will be actioned.
  3. Training Material – are you reviewing your training material annually to ensure the content is up to date?

JTandA are standing by and eager to help you to ensure you are SETA compliant.

We host a QMS workshop where we endeavour to assist you in unpacking the QMS.

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