Hygiene and Cleaning Accreditation

Businesses and households across South Africa are placing more and more importance on keeping their environment clean, safe and free from infection. 

As per government guidelines, following the break out of the Covid-19 Virus, all workplaces and households must clean and disinfect all areas routinely. 

As a result, many organizations and individuals are taking steps to keep their facilities and homes thoroughly sanitized by employing professional cleaning services or professionals to ensure the safety of their staff and family. 

This has created a massive demand for professional Hygiene & Cleaning Services and trained Hygiene & Cleaning professionals. 

If you are interested in starting your own training business for hygiene and cleaning, you should be aware that there is a lot of competition out there.

While experience counts for a lot, becoming a certified Hygiene and Cleaning Training Provider, that can offer professional cleaning and hygiene courses/training- you are sure to stand out above the rest. 

We suggest that you consider getting your NQF1: General Education and Training Certificate: Hygiene and Cleaning.

General Education and Training Certificate: Hygiene and Cleaning

The primary purpose of this qualification is to develop in a learner, the foundational, practical and reflexive competencies required for a career in the Hygiene & Cleaning Services Industry.

Central to the qualification is the development of a culture of quality service and professionalism in a cleaning services environment. This qualification intends to produce cleaners who can find gainful employment in the cleaning industry.

This qualification will enable learners to access learning in a related field (e.g. Hospitality, Health Care, Wholesale and Retail, Food Production or Manufacturing etc.), or a relevant branch of cleaning (e.g. Industrial, Hospital, Car Wash, Dry Cleaning and Laundry, Garden Services, Aircraft Cleaning or Textile Cleaning etc.).

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Tip: Cleaning and hygiene incorporate a broad range of services, such as mopping, vacuuming and recently, cleaning companies are becoming specializing in CDC recommended procedures to disinfect surfaces and kill the COVID-19 virus.


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