Hurry, Hurry Don’t Be Late!

Checking applications, cross referencing our knowledge, making ourselves familiar with SETA legislation and most importantly, keeping our ears to the ground is what makes us tick at JTandA!  At this time of the year however, it’s not just about what keeps us ticking but us keeping an eye out for what’s ‘tick-tocking’ at SETA.

We might only be two-thirds through 2016 but know that time is tick-tocking (and running out) if you have any new training aspirations come January 2017!  Don’t be entangled by the frustrations that the year-end rush promises to those who hope to get their applications approved for the new year.  SETAs close mid-December and only open mid-January; get proactive now and make an appointment to visit us for timely SETA application submissions.

The sooner we get SETA to review your application, the sooner you can begin to set your business goals and plan your strategy for a successful 2017!  Our goal is to see you succeed!

are you ready to get SETA accredited?