How to grow yourself and your training company during COVID-19 lock-down

I watched the sunrise this morning to another beautiful day whilst my darling daxi (Sammy) and Jack Russel (Candy) snored peacefully on my lap.  I pondered deeply on what positive suggestions I could give anxious training providers during the South African 21 day lock-down and what actions everyone can take during this period.  

I have to share with you all how proud I am of our team.  We have all settled down into a productive work routine and the daily comments on how quickly we are all working without distracting each other is very interesting.  Of course we all miss each other dearly and can’t wait to hug and see each other again. 

So beautiful people, here are some tips which may help you during this pause in life ~ stay blessed, continue your faith and remember that person freaking out at you is probably just scared ~ don’t take it personally ~ love them with kind words and keep safe. 

#1 Life will go on after the lock-down ~ it’s what you do now that will determine your future.

#2 Start the SETA / QCTO Accreditation Process ~ this is the starting point ~ this will never change ~ it’s a legal requirement if you want to offer your learners credits towards a SAQA Qualification.

#3 if you have started rolling out eLearning of your face to face accredited programmes ~ place the SETA / QCTO Letter of eLearning Approval on your website.  Make sure you have your Moderator’s eLearning Programme Approval Report as well.  What’s this? The programme approval Moderators report you submitted during accreditation phase was for face to face training.  When you change the training methodology to eLearning your Moderator needs to approve and sign off this change. 

#4 Whilst you are sitting at home wondering about your business future ~ take that anxious feeling and turn it into an action (do something about it!). Now is a great time to look at putting your learning programmes online.  This takes time (and money) however there are a few free platforms you can try.  Please Google this. Try one of your non accredited programmes and have fun turning the formatives into multiple choice.  

#5 For those mature in years (with respect I consider myself one) have a Zoom or Skype chat with a family member who is technologically minded and ask for their help with this project or anything else you are trying to do whilst working from home. 

#6 Get your admin up to date.  This is a perfect time to scan and file all those learner registers, Facilitator and Assessor reports and Minutes of meetings that normally get piled up somewhere for a rainy day. 

#7 I’ve received a lot of phone calls from providers concerned about their SETA not allowing eLearning.  We work with all 21 and unfortunately most don’t allow ~ some are still in roll out testing phase ~ however ~ I’m eagerly waiting for a response from QCTO in this regard ~ so best advice ~ use this time to start preparing. 

#8 It’s show time!  Get yourself ready ~ put on your snazziest Facilitator outfit and video yourself doing the induction to one of your current accredited learning programmes. Take your curriculum that you will be giving the learners and really unpack the training plan. Add this to your current website as this now becomes part of your marketing strategy.  People do business with people.  Create a connection with your future learner.  Let a family member video you and give you feedback before posting it on your website.  Feel free to tag me ~ I would love to see it. 

#9 Check in with your learners ~ send them a Zoom link which allows you to have a free video conference with up to a 100 people at a time for 30 minutes.  Chat to them and see how you can help them with their studies during this period.  Set them some deadlines.  It will help keep their minds off what’s going on.  Watch together a great YouTube clip by Dr Caroline Leaf ~ Think Learn Succeed.  This unpacks some amazing learning strategies and some really great positive inspirations for this unsettled time. 

Stay safe everyone ~ and remember ~ if you can get through the accreditation process you have the skills to get through the COVID~19 lockdown 😁😁😁

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