Get Ahead Online!

I have a friend who once saw a project management course online which she found very appealing and felt it would be of benefit. She paid for the course and received the material only to discover that the contents of the course were not suited to the industry she was hoping to make use of it in. Unfortunately for her, a refund was out of the question and it had to be written off as ‘school fees’ for her inexperience in online purchasing. It’s really very easy to make this mistake, especially when purchasing online education courses.

Purchasing courses via our online store not only assures you of a hassle free SETA ready course with immediate access, but most importantly, we have a track record of it’s relevancy to particular industries with other clients having previously completed them. With this experience on-hand, we offer you a helping hand to ensure you purchase online courses that are right for you.

We do this by outlining each package as follows:

  • Curriculum Outline
  • Learner Guides per module
  • Facilitator Guides including Model Answers per module
  • Portfolio of Evidence including Learner Workbooks per module
  • Assessment Guide including Model Answers and Alignment Strategy per module
  • Moderator Guides per module
  • Summative Test including Model Answers per module
  • SETA Alignment document

It’s imperative that the SETA Alignment document accompanies courses. This document is needed in order to complete the SETA Online Application form and offers you a FREE Internal Moderators Report by a constituent Moderator.

We have numerous SETA accredited courses available online. A few of the more popular include; Business Administration Services, Business Practice, New Venture Creation (additional course is offered for SMME) and Generic Management. We strongly recommend that you visit our online store in order to familiarise yourself with the entire curriculum of the course you’re interested in prior to making your payment to ensure purchase of the correct material.

At JTandA we strive to see our initiatives though to a successful end – a new beginning really! To give each client the best shot at success, we have a few carefully thought out plans in place.
The first is #Get educated and accredited – here you purchase your course material via our online store and once you’ve completed it, we assist you in making your education count by getting you SETA accredited.
The second is #Get educated, accredited and maintained – we not only assist with your education and accreditation but most importantly, we ensure that you remain SETA accredited. This option opens up so many possibilities from sharing ideas with referred other like-minded individuals to tapping into the knowledge of our experienced staff – association always seems to lead to new opportunities. Our goal is to see you succeed!

are you ready to get SETA accredited?