frequently asked questions

A training Quality Management System (QMS) is a set of company policies and procedures that guides you on how to run your training business in a practical way which meets the SETA’s and SAQAs requirement in order to ensure you offer quality training – it is required for companies applying for Seta accreditation. Developing a QMS is often a monotonous and frustrating process as you may not know what the SETA’s require your QMS to consist of. The QMS we provide you with, forms the basis for you to follow and put into practice the various policies and procedures during the first year as an accredited Training Provider. After the first year we will discuss how we can further personalise this document according to your own companies procedures which you would have now had experience in putting into action. Our QMS has been approved by various SETA’s for over 140 clients. This document is forever changing as the SETA and SAQA requirements change. We keep in touch with our providers and ensure they receive the updated changed throughout their accreditation period.

Read the QMS policies & procedures to ensure understanding. Allocate the policies & procedures to everyone involved with quality management in your company and get their feedback as to their role in implementing the QMS

A question to ask yourself, what are the common underlying principles of training that you will be offering? The focus is not going to be on specific industry related learners or products but rather on the principles of your training that you offer.

Once you have received accreditation through your primary SETA, we can apply to have your scope extended through a Memorandum of Understanding with the other ETQA’s.

You need to complete an Assessors course and receive your Statement of Results. Once you have these documents, we can now complete an Assessor or Moderator Registration Application for you with the various SETA’s. This all depends on what Qualifications or experience you have.

No, facilitators do not have to be registered with any SETA. However, it is advisable to complete the Facilitators / Train the Trainer course. We strongly recommend that if you are going to run an Accredited Training Company that you complete the Assessors course and become a registered assessor and or Moderator.

We have Accredited ETDP Associates who offer these programmes, please contact us.

Within SETA there are bodies responsible for the reviewing and monitoring of the facilitation and success of NQF registered standards and qualifications, through quality assurance systems and processes.

With the establishment of the new government in 1994, the Departments of Labour and Education met to find a solution to the lack of formal education opportunities amongst the previously disadvantaged population groups. The industry was divided into 28 sectors and each sector was given a SETA. Over the years these SETA’s have bridged the gap identified by Labour and Education. We now have 21 different SETA’s.

The South African Qualifications Authority Board is a body of 12 members appointed by the Minister of Higher Education and Training. The objects of SAQA are to advance the objectives of the NQF; oversee the further development and implementation of the NQF; and co-ordinate the sub-frameworks.

NQF: The National Qualifications Framework (NQF) is a comprehensive system approved by the Minister for the classification, registration, publication and articulation of quality-assured national qualifications. In short, the NQF is the set of principles and guidelines by which records of learner achievement are registered to enable national recognition of acquired skills and knowledge, thereby ensuring an integrated system that encourages life-long learning.

  1. (AgriSETA)Agricultural Sector Education Training Authority
  2. (BankSETA) Banking Sector Education and Training Authority
  3. (CetaSETA) Construction Education and Training Authority
  4. (ChietaSETA) Chemical Industries Education and Training Authority
  5. (CATHS SETA) Culture, Art, Tourism, Hospitality and Sport Sector Education and Training Authority
  6. (EWSETA) Energy and Water Sector Education and Training Authority
  7. (ETDP SETA) Education, Training and Development Practices Sector Education and Training Authority
  8. (FP&MSETA) Fibre Processing & Manufacturing Sector Education and Training Authority
  9. (FASSET SETA) Financial, Accounting, Management, Consulting and other Financial Services Sector Education and Training Authority
  10. (FoodBev SETA) Food & Beverages Manufacturing Sector Education and Training Authority’s 
  11. (HWSETA) Health & Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority
  12. (InSETA) Insurance Sector Education and Training Authority
  13. (LGSETA) Local Government Sector Education and Training Authority
  14. (MerSETA) Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services Sector Education and Training Authority
  15. (MictSETA) Media, Information and Communication Technologies Sector Education and Training Authority
  16. (MqaSETA) Mining and Minerals Sector Education and Training Authority
  17. (PSETA) Public Service Sector Education and Training Authority
  18. (SasSETA) Safety and Security Sector Education and Training Authority
  19. (ServiceSETA) Services Sector Education and Training Authority
  20. (TetaSETA) Transport Education and Training Authority
  21. (W&RSETA) Wholesale and Retail Sector Education and Training Authority