Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

At JT&A, during our capacity building workshops, we regularly discuss with Skills Development Providers (SDPs) the importance of following 4 key steps in order to ensure that your 4 Phases of Training (Learner Enrolment, Facilitation, Assessment and Certification) is a success.

The 4 key steps are:

In order to roll out fruitful training, you need to plan for it. A training plan is a detailed outline that guides you as the Skills Development Provider (SDP) on how delivery of training will take place. Do you have a clearly defined plan that details your training dates, dates of submission of the Learner Portfolio of Evidences (PoEs), Assessment and Moderation dates?

Preparing may sound the same as planning; however, it’s not. Once you have planned your training, your next step is to gather everything you need in order to ensure your training is extraordinary. Are your ETD (Education, Training and Development) Team qualified and / or registered? Have you prepared all your training documents (Learner Guides, Portfolio of Evidences, Attendance Registers, Facilitator Reports etc)? Have you checked your List of Tools and Equipment to see what resources you will require during training as per the SAQA Qualification requirements? Have you checked if your learners have any barriers to learning (this could affect your training plan)?

As per your Quality Management System (QMS), your facilitator’s job role is to “Conduct the learning using a variety of methodologies and ensure that formative assessments are carried out during this time to see if learners are learning.” Generally, as Skills Development Providers (SDPs) we place a lot of focus on the facilitator; however, your learners spend more time in the Workplace. Are you doing monthly visits to your learners at their workplace to monitor their progress?

Consistent action relating to your training division ensures that you achieve high-quality, beneficial results. Before you request External Moderation (the process whereby a verifier from your SETA comes to check and validate your learner achievements), have you ensured that all your legal documents are up to date? Have you completed your annual Quality Management System (QMS) Review including minuting the meeting of your review? Have you requested permission to use your SETA’s logo?

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