Eyes wide open into 2017!

Our mantra for this new year is ‘preparation and follow through’. We’re rested, our sleeves are up and we’re prepared to make 2017 one helluva year!

We spent the last quarter of 2016 strategising how we plan to be a more efficient and effective organisation this new year. The result of our planning has led us to plan to focus on two specific areas; one, our Quality Management System (QMS) support leading to a solid interpretation and implementation of the four phases of training and two, ensuring clients submit outstanding documents promptly to SETA.

First things first; our coalition with De Waal Viljoen will see us raising the bar on the time and energy we expend on QMS services. De Waal’s extensive experience gained working as an accredited assessor and human resource development professional alongside respected organisations such as the KwaZulu Finance and Investment Corporation, the University of Pretoria and the Business Studies Unit of Durban Institution of Technology will now be made available first hand to each of our clients.

Once accredited, all clients in 2017 will be entitled to eight hours with De Waal unpacking their QMS. In essence, this business counseling time will assist each client with measurable steps on how to utilise the QMS daily to ensure that they operate an effective accredited training company. The inner workings of our client’s QMS without a doubt will be injected with De Waal’s sought after expertise gained by his involvement with reputable local and international organisations such as SA Maritime, Yonke, EduFleet, Port Academy Durban, Marafiq, Saudi Arabia and SPAR to name a few!

Furthermore, we have increased our areas of service to better ensure that all of your needs are being attended to. Our dedicated team has worked tirelessly on systems assuring clients support in ICB, Umalusi, QCTO, NAMB, DHETC.

Moving on to our next area of focus; the SETAs operate much like a cake recipe, leave anything out and you not only have a less than desirable cake but you also have a grumpy cook! We will beat this drum consistently in 2017 – ‘prompt, complete document delivery’! The documents that are required by the SETAs are vital should a client want an accredited training company; without the needed documentation your accreditation cannot be granted and it not only means that your business plans are paused but it also frustrates each person working in the process. We work purposefully to ensure that we’re competent in all our dealings with SETA, our goal for 2017 is that we take you alongside us and ensure that together we’re proficient and deliver all document on time. We can do this!

Here’s to a fantastic year of purposeful planning and a goal centered result! Contact us to find out how we can better support your needs to ensure 2017’s objectives are well planned, followed through and surpassed!

are you ready to get SETA accredited?