eLearning – The Future of SETA?

Despite the recent changes in our society due to the spread of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the move to embrace more digital and online ways of conducting business has been on the cards for a while now.

We have seen a strong move to digital across all industries, but now, SETA accreditation has taken a step into the future as well.

Services SETA eLearning Portal

While not available just yet, Services SETA has been developing its comprehensive and centralised eLearning Platform with companies Implementx and Synrgise for the past two years. This platform promises to save Skills Development Provider’s time, money and will be launching soon.

In preparation for things to come, our founder Jeanine Topping decided to host a demonstration session, where the developers of this exciting eLearning solution( Xenothan Hojem of Synrgise and Dumisani Zinondo of Implementx) explained precisely how this new platform would work.

At its core, this eLearning initiative will allow for the following functions:

Services SETA ELearning Solution – The Core/High-Level Functions

LMIS (Learner Management Information Solution) – (this is a separate solution that is integrated with the eLearning Solution). 

  • Provide reference information
  • Provide accredited SDPs
  • Provide accredited courses
  • Provide learner data
  • Receive results


  • eLearning program review & accreditation
  • Generate reporting & analytics
  • Conduct performance management & reviews
  • Monitoring & evaluation
  • System administration

Registered Assessor

  • Perform assessment tasks


  • Perform moderation tasks

Training Providers

  • Enrol learners
  • Manage learners
  • Provide eLearning content
  • Manage eLearning content


  • Schedule training
  • Provide learning instruction
  • Present lectures
  • Manage learners


  • Study course
  • Capture portfolio of evidence
  • Do assignments

Want to know more? Watch the full demonstration here

We decided to catch up with Jeanine to get her take on the eLearning portal and find out how JT&A is staying on trend with online learning solutions.

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For any questions about the session please get in touch with 

Xenothan Hojem (xenothan@synrgise.com) or Dumisani Zinondo (dumisani@implementx.co.za)