Consider These SETA Qualifications During The Covid Pandemic

By: Tyrone Wiggins Sales Agent (JT&A SETA Accreditation Specialists)


We are all facing challenging times due to the Covid-19 pandemic. And after almost a year of living in this ‘new normal’ of online meetings and home offices, we have without a doubt become more resilient and innovative. 

Now more than ever, it is time to take signals from the market, adapt and continuously look for new opportunities for your training company to grow. 

Three SETA Qualifications to Consider During Covid

Hygiene and Cleaning

By now, we all know that the best line of defence against the virus is to keep our environments clean and sanitised. But did you ever consider that your training company could contribute to this?

Get your company accredited with SAQA id-57937-General Education and Training Certificate: Hygiene and Cleaning, whereby you will have the opportunity to offer cleaning services to various industries. 

This qualification will cover:

The primary purpose of this qualification is to develop in a learner, the foundational, practical and reflexive competencies required for a career in the Hygiene & Cleaning Services Industry.

Central to the qualification is developing a culture of quality service and professionalism in a cleaning services environment. This qualification intends to produce cleaners who can find gainful employment in the cleaning industry.

This qualification will enable learners to access learning in a related field (e.g. Hospitality, Health Care, Wholesale and Retail, Food Production or Manufacturing etc.), or a related branch of cleaning (e.g. Industrial, Hospital, Car Wash, Dry Cleaning and Laundry, Garden Services, Aircraft Cleaning or Textile Cleaning etc.).

Find out more about SAQA id-57937-General Education and Training Certificate: Hygiene and Cleaning

Funeral Services

While a sad and scary topic to discuss, the reality of the number of Covid-19 deaths in SA is difficult to ignore. In turn, the need for professional funeral services has also climbed. 

These services are critical, at present, so why not look at offering training for SAQA id-21787-National Certificate: Funeral Services Practice?

This qualification will cover:

This qualification is for any individual who is or wishes to be involved in the Funeral Services Industry. It also serves as the entry qualification into Funeral Services operations. This qualification is registered at NQF Level 3.

A learner can complete the qualification specialising in Embalming and Restoration, Marketing and Merchandising or Disaster Management. The core unit standards are common to all three areas of specialisation. Portability across these areas of specialisation is therefore ensured.

Learners working towards this qualification will find that the acquisition of competence in the unit standards, which make up the qualification, will add value to learner’s job. This qualification is intended to enhance the provision of entry-level service within the Funeral Service Industry.

The learners will also be able to integrate all the selling, administrative, funeral provision and preparation of human remains knowledge and skills with those operational specifics in a given context. The building on day-to-day specific funeral services as well as selling and providing an administrative competency, the qualification ensures the progression of learning throughout their careers in this industry.

It will provide the broad knowledge, skills and values needed in the Funeral Services Industry. It will facilitate access to, and mobility and progression within, education, training and to progress along a learning path for learners who:

  • Were previously disadvantaged or who were unable to complete their schooling and were therefore denied access to Further Education and Training.
  • Have worked in Contact Centres for many years, but have no formal qualification in Contact Centre Support.
  • Wish to extend their range of skills and knowledge of the industry so that they can become competent workers in Contact Centres.

Find out more about  SAQA id-21787-National Certificate: Funeral Services Practice

Wealth Management (Insurance)

And last but not least another qualification that is in high demand at the moment is the SAQA id-66613 Further Education and Training Certificate: Wealth Management.

This qualification covers:

The FETC: Wealth Management is a generic Qualification in the management and creation of wealth that builds the introductory knowledge, skills attitudes and values required for learners to operate ethically and responsibly as Intermediaries and Administrators, and to respond to the challenges of the economic environment and the changing nature of the highly regulated Financial Services Industry. It is designed to meet learners’ needs in a variety of positions, including Trustees and Principal Officers of retirement funds and medical schemes and Trainee Financial Planners.

The FETC: Wealth Management covers structured, low risk, cash-backed investment or guaranteed products for conservative portfolios including life, disability, health events (dread disease and personal accident) and funeral cover. It provides a holistic introduction to Wealth Management and Wealth Creation and is a building block for the National Certificate: Wealth Management: Level 5. It should develop individuals with a basic understanding of economics, asset management, investment principles, financial markets, risk (personal and financial) and the need to provide financially for retirement. It should add value to the qualifying learner in terms of enrichment of the person, status, licensing and recognition.

The Qualification is structured in such a way that it exposes learners to generic competencies required in the management and creation of wealth including Long-Term Insurance (Life, Medical Scheme Administration, and Retirement Funds), Short Term Insurance and the Collective Investments and allows for specialisation to meet the needs of different work roles. The electives make provision for other streams of specialisation. It provides a balanced learning experience and an opportunity for learners to apply academic skills in relation to the workplace.

Find out more about  SAQA id-66613 Further Education and Training Certificate: Wealth Management.


As a Training Provider, you have the opportunity to truly make a difference in our country by becoming accredited for one or more of these essential qualifications. 

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