Climbing the training ladder… Oops! Watch out for that snake!

You’re an Accredited Skills Development Provider (SDP) and trying to run your training business sometimes feels like a game of Snakes and Ladders – without any ladders.

We are here to assure you that the game you are in has ladders of success; however, the reality, is that there are also tricky snakes to avoid. In order to climb the ladders, your first step is to willingly roll the dice, as no one has ever won a game by resigning.  

Your jt&a family have a new and unique strategy to help you roll a six… the best board games after all are played with family.

As of February 2020, we are launching our 5-day Training Co Ordinator Short Skills Course which incorporates:

  • Computer Skills
  • Training Plan versus Reality
  • Training Committee Support (FAM)
  • Learner Recruitment
  • Learner Induction
  • Learner Enrolment
  • Learner Uploads
  • Training Material Rollout
  • Facilitator Support
  • Workplace Mentors
  • Assessment Process A-Z
  • Certification

Contact us for more information on this exciting new offer and be ahead of the competition!