What Did You Say? SETA Accreditation Terminology Explained

The road to SETA Accreditation is a complex one, dotted with some difficult terms and abbreviations that can easily confuse you. To help you better prepare yourself for SETA Accreditation and help you understand the jargon – we have compiled a list of terms that are often misused in the Accreditation process. Abbreviations You Should […]

Real Estate Professional – Generate Additional Income Through Training!

real estate seta qualify

By: Tyrone Wiggins  Whether you are a conveyancing firm or a real estate agency, there is no doubt that you felt the real estate boom of 2020, despite the pandemic. Whether this was due to the record-low interest rate or other market factors – this industry has remained somewhat stable during these uncertain times.  This […]

Don’t have the budget for a SETA consultant? Come learn how to do it yourself!

diy accreditation course

We have all felt the pandemic’s effects on business, and we understand that many training providers are currently faced with the SETA accreditation “budget challenge”. Because we believe that accreditation is crucial to every training business, we have put together a full-day training course where we will guide you through the process of successfully getting […]

The Role of The Skills Development Facilitator


By Reshika Bhugoo (Skills Development Facilitator) ATR, WSP, NQF, Mandatory grants, discretionary grants … Does the jargon in the training and development space have you going OMG, WTF? Let’s help you unpack the lingo, assist in putting together fantastic plans, get refunds and get you noticed by your SETA! What Is A Skills Development Facilitator? […]

Consider These SETA Qualifications During The Covid Pandemic


By: Tyrone Wiggins Sales Agent (JT&A SETA Accreditation Specialists)   We are all facing challenging times due to the Covid-19 pandemic. And after almost a year of living in this ‘new normal’ of online meetings and home offices, we have without a doubt become more resilient and innovative.  Now more than ever, it is time […]

I Jumped Out Of A Plane – What I Learned From Leaping

I am all about taking life by the reins and just going for it! So, when my birthday rolled around this year, I decided that it was time for an adrenaline-filled adventure and I jumped out of a plane!   While I soared through the air, looking at the world below, I started to think […]

Why We Love Virtual Consults

Working from home during the pandemic has made us all experts at dressing for business from the waist up while rocking some pyjama bottoms and slippers.  The commute takes a couple of steps, and the couch conference room is a lot comfier than an office.  There is no denying that the video conference call is […]

Interview With Accreditation Specialist Jeanine Topping

In celebration of Women’s Month, we decided to catch up with our founder and SETA Accreditation Specialist Jeanine Topping to find out about her professional journey, her advice to young female entrepreneurs and the women who have inspired her.  How did it all get started? How did you begin your professional career? I have always […]

Hygiene and Cleaning Accreditation

Businesses and households across South Africa are placing more and more importance on keeping their environment clean, safe and free from infection.  As per government guidelines, following the break out of the Covid-19 Virus, all workplaces and households must clean and disinfect all areas routinely.  As a result, many organizations and individuals are taking steps […]

eLearning – The Future of SETA?

Despite the recent changes in our society due to the spread of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the move to embrace more digital and online ways of conducting business has been on the cards for a while now. We have seen a strong move to digital across all industries, but now, SETA accreditation has taken a step […]